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Requests for Proposals 2016 Ian R. Campbell Research Initiative

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Supporting research in business valuation

Founded in 1971, the CICBV is a fast growing and vibrant not-for-profit association of Canadian business valuation professionals, recognized around the world for its high standards and best practices. The CICBV educates and accredits financial professionals in the highly specialized discipline of business and intangible asset valuation. With the world moving to International Financial Reporting Standards, Chartered Business Valuators are leading the way towards International Valuation Standards in this constantly evolving and dynamic financial discipline.

The Ian R. Campbell Research Initiative, named for a CBV who was instrumental in the early development and codification of best practices and theoretical underpinnings of business valuation, was started by the CICBV in 2004 to foster original and ground breaking research in business and intangible asset valuation. Since its inception, the Initiative has annually awarded substantial amounts to academics, students and practitioners to further its research goals.

Previously a competition involving completed research papers, in 2010 the Initiative has moved to a Request for Proposal format, wherein a leading research proposal is eligible for compensation of up to $10,000 for completion of the selected research project. For the current competition Canadian academics, students and valuation practitioners are encouraged to submit their proposal by the deadline of January 31, 2016.


Encourage and support research activities to generate useful and relevant research papers on emerging issues of interest to Chartered Business Valuators.


Submit proposal meeting the following criteria (deadline January 31, 2016)

  • Description of research topic.
  • Explanation of how the research topic will further the CICBV’s objective above.
  • A research plan outlining sub topics within the scope of the research.
  • A listing of preliminary research sources and methodologies to be employed and any potential challenges to gather the required information.
  • Identification of any and all existing and potential conflicts of interest.
  • Disclosure of funding from other sources for the proposed research paper.

Proposal Review/Selection

  • A Panel of CBVs selected by the CICBV (the “CICBV Panel”) will review the proposals submitted based on the criteria stated above and make its selection by March 15, 2016.
  • Any topic related to Business Valuation will be considered, including topics relating to business valuation, securities valuation, intangible asset valuation, financial losses, and practice management matters. The topics from previous winners are below.
  • The CICBV Panel may select one or more research proposals. The maximum total compensation for the 2016 Initiative is $10,000. Compensation offered for any individual research paper may be less than $10,000 depending on the numbers of awards, the topic and perceived interest of the paper to the membership. The CICBV and the successful Respondent(s) will be required to enter into an agreement for rights and responsibilities in connection with the awarded Proposal and completed research paper.
  • The CICBV Panel is not obligated to award the entire $10,000 compensation under the 2016 Initiative.

Submission of Draft

The successful Respondent(s) will issue an original draft research paper to the CICBV Panel on or before July 31, 2016. The draft report shall be 100% complete, subject to review and comments by the CICBV Panel.

Paper Completion and Submission

  • After review by the CICBV Panel and consideration of the comments by the CICBV Panel, the Respondent shall submit a final version of the research paper by September 30, 2016 for consideration by the CICBV Panel.
  • A practitioner friendly Summary of the paper summarizing key findings of the research and highlighting the application, implication, and relevance to the practicing CBV professional will be required for publication by the CICBV no later than September 30, 2016.


The CICBV shall be entitled, in its sole discretion, to publish the final version of the research paper(s) on the CICBV website, in the CICBV’s Journal of Business Valuation, or in any other CICBV publication and distribute the research paper(s) in any format including, but not limited to online format. No additional compensation will be paid to the author of the research paper.


On merit, the CICBV may pay compensation of up to $10,000 to the author; the amount for each individual proposal will depend on the topic and the number of proposals accepted.
The compensation to be paid to an awarded author will be 25% upon proposal selection and signing of the rights agreement, 50% upon receipt of a draft considered suitable in the absolute discretion of the Research Institute Committee and 25% following receipt of the final version and the summary, in accordance with the process outlined above.


  • The research topic(s) must meet the stated objective of this RFP.
  • The research papers must be original work without any restrictions on publication by the CICBV.
  • Proposals, research papers and summaries must be submitted electronically.
  • The research paper must maintain an appropriate quality standard as assessed by the CICBV.
  • Each stage of the research paper and summary must be completed within the stated deadlines.


SUBMIT THE PROPOSAL TO: CICBV Research Institute at:

  • RFP SUBMISSION DEADLINE: January 31, 2016
  • PROPOSAL SELECTION: March 15, 2016
  • FINAL PAPER SUBMISSION: September 30, 2016

Past Research Initiative Papers

2013 – Putting the Pin in Net Working Capital: Important Value Implications for M&A Transactions.

2012: The Evolution of Expert Testimony and the use of Expert Evidence in Common Law Jurisdictions around the World.

2011: Credibility under Scrutiny: A Research Study of the Weight Placed in Expert Valuation and Damages Evidence in Canadian Court Judgments.

2010: Are We In For a Market Shock?