Registration Process

A requirement of admission as a Registered Student is that individuals be of good character and reputation. Once accepted as a Registered Student with the CICBV, you will be required to comply with the Institute’s By-laws, Code of Ethics and Practice Standards.

IMPORTANT CHANGES to Re-Enrollment and Exam Opt-out Procedures

Starting in the Winter 2018 Term, which begins January 2018, the following changes will be implemented with respect to course re-enrollment and exam opt-out procedures:

  • Students who failed or opted out of an exam in a previous semester (i.e., Spring/Summer 2017 or prior) and are eligible to re-enrol at a reduced course fee must re-enrol in the Winter 2018 Term in order to receive the reduced course fee. If such Students do not re-enrol in the Winter 2018 Term, they will lose their eligibility to receive a lower fee. No exceptions will be made, and no extensions will be granted. For clarity, if such Students do not re-enroll in the Winter 2018 Term, a full course fee will apply when they do enrol.
  • Students who opt-out of their Winter 2018 (and future) exams must re-enroll in the immediate subsequent term to be eligible for the reduced course fee. For example, students who opt-out of the Winter 2018 Term exams by [opt-out date] must re-enrol in the Spring/Summer 2018 Term in order to receive a reduced course fee. Students who do not re-enrol in the immediate subsequent term will lose their eligibility to receive a lower fee. Students who fail the course exam are not eligible to re-enroll at the lower fee.

How to Register for CICBV Courses (Effective December 2017 for Winter 2018 Term)

To register for a course, an individual who has never registered for a course in the CICBV Program of Studies must first create a profile with the CICBV. After a profile is created, the individual may register for a course (during the registration timeline) by following Steps 1 through 9 below.

If an individual has previously registered for a course in the CICBV Program of Studies, the individual may follow Steps 1 through 9 below.

  1. Login to your CICBV account.
  2. Select Course Curriculum/ Registration tab on the left hand side menu Once on this page click on “Register with York”.
  3. Answer the CICBV qualification questions.
  4. Accept that CICBV shares student information with York University (vice versa).
  5. Click register – this will take the student directly to York University.
  6. The student will select the course(s).
  7. Payment methods accepted are Visa and MasterCard.
  8. The student will proceed to checkout and submit payment for the course(s).
  9. The student will receive an email that the order is being processed directly after submitting payment, including the applicable refund policy and a link to the withdrawal form.
  10. After 48 hours, the student will receive a second email with a link to access the course, instructions for using Moodle, and any program-related documents (i.e. student orientation guide).

Note: Students only have 48 hours from the time of registration to withdraw from a course to be eligible for a refund.

Academic Accommodations

Students are responsible for informing the Institute of any special needs at the beginning of each term.
Appropriate medical documentation should be included with the request, along with the specific arrangements being requested.

Deadline to apply for Academic Accommodations.

For more information see the Responding to the Needs of Registered Students -MQE Candidates with Disabilities policy.

Course Exemptions:

For more information on course exemptions , please click here.