The CICBV believes that we have a responsibility to the global business valuation community to foster growth and development. This involves forming relationships with other organizations and working with them to further the profession, both at home and around the world.

One important relationship is the one that the CICBV has with the American Society of Appraisers (ASA). The CICBV and ASA have worked together for over 25 years and share the mutual goal of providing members with quality education and technical content. We hold a joint conference every four years that not only provides a robust education program, but also allows members of each organization to interact with each other and share ideas.


In 2009, the ASA and the CICBV co-founded the International Institute of Business Valuers (IIBV), a partnership to develop and deliver business valuation courses around the world. In 2013, the IIBV welcomed the China Appraisal Society into membership and most recently, the Saudi Arabia Institute of business valuation — a very positive development.

The IIBV has since become a leader in business valuation education and provides ongoing training in countries such as the United Kingdom, Russia, Hungary, Australia and South America.

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The International Valuation Standards Council’s (IVSC) mission is to set and maintain effective high-quality global standards for the performance of valuations. In 2008, the CICBV joined the IVSC to take a leading role in the global development of business valuation standards.

The global business valuation profession has evolved quickly in the last few years and the CICBV has been very active to maintain and protect our highly respected global position. Currently, several CBVs serve on the IVSC Board of Trustees, Working Groups and Advisory Forum. This is a significant time commitment for these CBVs and we appreciate all their efforts on our behalf.

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