Continuing Professional Development Guidelines

The CICBV has implemented a mandatory CE program, effective January 1, 2004.
Mandatory Continuing  Professional Development Policy

1. Guidelines to Activities Qualifying as Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development is to be undertaken at an appropriate level of technical, practical and/or intellectual subject matter, having regard to the experience of the Member or Registered Student.

Please note: the credited hours should be counted as equivalent of the time spent on the particular learning activity.

Continuing Professional Development consists of new learning opportunities for the Member/Registered Student, classified as either verifiable or unverifiable activities, which are defined as follows:

Verifiable Activities

Verifiable activities are those which can be confirmed with evidence, such as:

  • Courses, seminars or conferences, as attendee, lecturer or presenter
  • Advanced or post-secondary education courses
  • Self-study programs, where there is evidence of completion and time spent, such as a certificate or transcript
  • Involvement in the CICBV education and accreditation programs
  • Serving on profession-related boards and committees

Unverifiable Activities

Unverifiable activities are those that cannot be confirmed with evidence, and are generally done on an independent basis, yet still measurable in terms of the time spent on that activity, such as:

  • Private reading, study and technical research
  • Preparation and writing time for   professional or business related articles
  • Providing formal professional development support as a mentor or coach
  • Receiving formal professional development support from a mentor or coach
  • Serving on other boards and committees

NOTE: Should any item above be unclear or you require further explanation please contact the CICBV office for clarification, tel: 416-613-9556, Judith Roth, Manager, Business Systems and Compliance.

2. Minimum Hours of Continuing Professional Development

All Members and Registered Students, unless exempted or excluded, are required to complete an annual average of 20 hours of Continuing Professional Development , measured over a consecutive three-year period.

At least one half of the minimum hours of Continuing Professional Development shall consist of verifiable activities.

3. Reporting

All Members and Registered Students are required to report Continuing Professional Development Hours on the CICBV Tracking System or to file an annual Continuing Professional Development Compliance Report relating to each three-year reporting period. Any entry of hours on the CICBV Tracking System, either by the Member or Registered Student or by the Institute, will constitute compliance reporting.

Reporting is due by March 31st of each year.

Members and Registered Students must maintain detailed records in support of their reported Continuing Professional Development activities for a period of 5 years and must provide such records to the Institute for audit when requested.