1. What are the educational requirements to register in the Program of Studies?

There are no educational requirements to become a Registered Student. However, in order to obtain the CBV designation, an individual must have a degree from a post-secondary academic institution or university in Canada or another country.

The requirement for a degree from a post-secondary academic institution or university will be waived for an individual who holds a Canadian designation of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Chartered Public Accountant (CPA) (or the predecessor designations of Chartered Accountant – CA, Certified Management Accountant – CMA, or Certified General Accountant – CGA). Please see the Education Requirement policy.

Due to nature of the material covered in the Program, applicants should have a foundational knowledge of financial reporting and taxation (typically acquired in the process of acquiring a business-related university undergraduate degree).

Please refer to become a CBV page.

2. What documents do I need to provide to the Institute upon registering for a course?

The Institute does not require supporting documents at the time of registration (e.g., university transcript or degree). Students are asked to provide this information when applying for Membership.

3. How long is the Program?

The Program is typically completed within a two-year period.

The eight courses are offered every term (see Curriculum). Six must be completed, four mandatory and two electives to fulfill the course requirements.

The number of courses to take per term is ultimately the decision of the Student. The four mandatory courses (Level I through IV) should be taken consecutively.

Some students chose to fast track the course requirements by taking multiple courses per term. We recommend that students start the Program of Studies by taking Level I on its own so that students can get an idea of the course’s time commitments.

4. Once I register in the Program of Studies, how should I refer to my status with the CICBV?

You may refer to yourself as a Registered Student in the CICBV Program of Study.

5. How do I access my course material?

 Students may access their course material by logging in to their York University student account.

6. Are the solutions to assignments distributed?

Yes; solutions for the assignments and case studies are provided to Students with their course notes.

Students are not required to submit their assignments for grading.  The student’s mark is weighed 100% on their exam grade.  The passing grade is a 60%.

7. How many hours do students typically dedicate to a course?

Each student has different work and personal commitments, different methods of studying, and different levels of experience.  All of these factors will influence the amount of time that a student dedicates to a course.  However, based on historical feedback provided by students, students typically spend between 100-125 hours per mandatory course, and between 75-100 hours per elective course.  These time estimates include exam preparation time.

8. When does the term officially begin?

Students will receive access to the course material after 48 hours of registering for a course with York University.

However, the term officially begins once the registration period closes. Program Calendar

Additionally, there are three webinars that take place throughout the term: the first is generally two weeks after the closing of registration, the second is generally at the mid-point in the term, and the third is approximately three weeks before the exam.

9. Does the course include in-class time?

Due to the busy professional and personal schedules of the students in the Program of Studies, the CICBV Program of Studies is a self-directed program with an online forum component, and there is no in-class time.

The only time you are required to be physically present is on the day of the exam. The exams are on set dates and cannot be changed. Program Calendar

10. Where can I get dates for the exams?

Please see Program Calendar at https://cicbv.ca/program-calendar/.

11. Where do I write my exam?

Exams are written in person on set dates which cannot be changed. Program Calendar 

We have exams centres to accommodate dosmetic and international students. You will indicate your location when you register for a course.

One month prior to your exam York University will send you the exam time and location.

12. Where can I see my exam results?

The exam results are posted on the CICBV website. Exam results link – scroll down.

13. What resources or support are available to students?

The resources available to students are as follows:

  1. The online discussion forum (Moodle – access provided by York University) is the tool which students may use to post questions for the course instructors and communicate with fellow students. We strongly encourage students to use the forum.  Even if a student does not wish to post questions on the forum, we strongly encourage the student to still to login in to the forum to view the activity, to benefit from others’ questions and the course instructors’ responses.
  2. There are three webinars throughout the term. The first is generally two weeks after the closing of registration, the second is generally at the mid-point in the term, and the third is approximately three weeks before the exam.
  3. There is a list of tutors posted on the CICBV site (https://cicbv.ca/tutoring/). These are CBVs who have provided their contact information to the CICBV, and who are interested in offering tutoring services. The student and tutor privately arrange fees and scheduling. 

14. What is York University’s involvement in the Program?

York University’s  School of Continuing Studies provides course registration, access to an online discussion forum (Moodle) and provides administration services.