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Event Date Price
Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence: The Cyber Security Problem 2017-02-24 $65.00
Real Estate vs Business Valuation Capitalization and Discount Rates: The Ultimate Exposé 2017-02-01 $65.00
Search Like a Pro: Sources and Strategies for Conducting Effective Research 2016-12-06 $65.00
Economic Update & Outlook 2016-11-29 $65.00
Issues Regarding the Determination of Income for Support Purposes 2016-10-17 $65.00
Securitizing, monitoring and enforcement strategies for creditors in a private equity and private debt context 2016-10-17 $65.00
Dental Practice Valuations in 2016 – A Glimpse Into an Industry 2016-05-26 $65.00
Commercial Agreements & Corporate Finance and Crowdfunding 2016-03-07 $65.00
Thumbs Up, or Two Thumbs Way Down? The essential guide to the benefits and pitfalls of using rules of thumb in valuations 2016-01-21 $65.00
Business Valuation Issues In Family Law: Your Chance To Hear From The Decision Makers 2015-11-23 $75.00
Deconstructing Transaction Agreements From Three Perspectives 2015-11-11 $65.00
Working Capital Considerations in an M&A Context 2015-10-15 $65.00
What Really Happens in Court (and before you get there) 2015-07-08 $65.00
Business Valuation and Personal Injury Law 2015-05-29 $65.00
The Income Tax Act – An Overview of Circumstances Requiring Business Valuations 2015-05-27 $65.00
Business Transition: A Discipline Tailor-Made for Business Valuators (presented by Ian R. Campbell) 2015-05-22 $65.00
Exempt Market – National Instrument 45-106 and case law update 2015-04-29 $65.00
Damage Control: Remedies in Canadian Intellectual Property Litigation 2015-04-24 $65.00
Getting the Most Out of the Sales Process 2015-03-30 $65.00
Archived 2014 ASA - CICBV Business Valuation Conference 2015-02-02 $400.00
Trusts – A Refresher and The New Testamentary Trust Rules 2015-01-29 $65.00
Evolution of Best Practices for Expert Witnesses: Moore v. Getahun decision — communications with counsel and use of draft reports 2015-01-29 $65.00
Valuation Models for Early-Stage, Knowledge-Based Companies 2014-09-18 $65.00
Business Succession: Exploring Tax Planning Opportunities & Potential Transaction Pitfalls 2014-04-07 $65.00
Valuation of Infrastructure Assets 2014-03-05 $65.00
Valuation of Debt and Derivatives 2014-02-26 $65.00
Tax Issues and Strategies Relevant to Matrimonial Litigation 2014-01-22 $65.00
Why Valuing Franchised Businesses is Different 2013-11-13 $60.00
Advanced Topics in Personal Injury Calculations 2013-11-04 $60.00
Update on Standards and Program of Studies 2013-05-03 $50.00
Global Challenges Facing Canadian Business Valuators 2013-03-27 $60.00
Sir David Tweedie & Panel Presentations - Audio Only 2013-03-19 $10.00
Fair Market Value in Canadian Tax Courts 2013-02-27 $60.00
How To Leverage Social Media To Generate Business 2012-11-16 $60.00
EMPLOYMENT LAW: What every employer and business owner must know 2012-10-23 $60.00
Intellectual Property Litigation - Primer of Intellectual Property Law and Discussion Regarding Remedies and Loss Quantification Approaches 2012-10-04 $70.00
Why Plain Language Matters to Professionals 2011-11-16 $85.00
Flying Under the Radar: Unresolved Issues in Family Law 2011-05-17 $85.00
Fraud and the CBV Engagement: Watching for the Warning Signs 2011-04-19 $60.00
Update of CICBV Practice Standards 2011-03-30 FREE